From creating to scheduling AI-customized posts

Introducing the end of the headache for those who need to be on social media content creation, scheduling posts and reporting for social media.

The most complete artificial intelligence platform in the world.

*Plans starting at R$1.30 per day.
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Changing the lives of people who need content.

Join more than 10,000 professionals, small businesses and agencies who use Manycontent to create incredible content for their social networks and their clients
Manycontent to create amazing content for their and their clients’ social networks

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Artificial intelligence that creates personalized content for social networks

Manycontent can create content for any and all segments you can imagine to help small businesses, agencies and social media, saving you time, money and the headache of doing it yourself.

We deliver content in 3 ways:

  • 1- AI-customized content with image, text (content) and hashtags delivered within 24 business hours;
  • 2- You get 10000 tokens to generate dozens of contents in seconds with our AI;
  • 3- Use our shared content library, there are hundreds of thousands of segmented content ready to post.
    There are at least 55 contents per month. There are at least 55 contents per month. It’s unreal!

We will understand your business and your competitors to create unique and sensational content for your social networks, all with text (content), image and hashtags. And even more, content scheduling for Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter and complete diagnosis of your social networks.

Manycontent is for me a reference company in the market, with credibility and competence.
I am very satisfied with the result of my work through your work. Content of great value and assertiveness.
It has excellent support, I will be a customer for a long time.
I just have to thank and congratulate the whole team. I am super satisfied and I highly recommend Manycontent.

Karolyne de Oliveira Carneiro Ribeiro

Customized content without the headache

Within 24 working hours after your registration, you will have all of your content for the month to approve. Remembering that they are complete: image, text and hashtags, ready for you to publish.

And if you want to edit something in it, you can do it through Manycontent itself.

10,000 Tokens to generate lots of content

Start pumping with lots of content. Every month you will get 10000 tokens to generate your content with our Artificial Intelligence, just enter your content idea and you’re done!

If you don’t even have an idea, rest assured that our intelligence can also create hundreds of original content ideas for you!

Schedule your content and have free time

Invest your time in what really matters!
Schedule posts to multiple social networks with just a few clicks.
You can also let our intelligence automatically schedule the best day and time.

Understand your performance through simple and intuitive reports

See which were your best posts, discover the best times to post and perform better , use the reports to optimize your strategy and increase your results.

I had a lot of difficulty creating content and being able to engage my business on social media, which is a party event house that I have here in my region. Also, I didn’t want our page to look like a commercial, just advertising. I was looking to have a page that had content, that was relevant for them to follow us. And Manycontent was a big surprise. In 2019 I met the platform and since then I have been with them. Manycontent not only met my expectations but far exceeded my expectations.

Fabiano Padua

My day to day is full of tasks and I really don’t have time to create content. As you all know, it is very important to be active on social media, especially now. As Manycontent creates content, publishes at my best times and even gives me a way to interact with my audience, everything is easier and it worked out very well for me.

Karine Quinjalmo

The purpose of the software is to deliver quality content in a specific way and that is exactly what ManyContent does. The production of specific texts with your business segment improves every month with AI. The time savings are another big benefit for me and all my subscribers.

Rodrigo de Oliveira Leite

It does not stop there!

content library

Increase the quantity of quality posts
on your social networks with our library of content. A vast collection of posts ready with: image, text and #hashtags created by our Intelligence for you to share and have more engagement on your social networks.

Customize your images

One of the best image editors in the world is available in its PRO version for you to use within Manycontent at no additional cost. All premium features released. Access thousands of templates updated weekly and have beautiful designs in a simple and fast way.

Many Academy

A training produced by
partners and specialists in the areas of marketing, time management and entrepreneurship.
We want to give you performance and knowledge, so you can take your business to a higher level. ANDExclusive to Manycontent subscribers.

Personalized content for your networks!

Your success does not depend on the time you spend on social media, but on the consistency in delivering what your audience is looking for!

Plans and prices

The plans are recurring, i.e. automatically charged to your credit card upon each subscription renewal.
The ANNUAL PLAN has a lower value because it is an annual subscription PAID IN 12 FIVE TIMES. It is not possible to cancel after 7 days.

* Content created by Manycontent using its Artificial Intelligence algorithms and incredible journalists optimized to seek greater engagement with its audience.

** A collection of Posts ready and available for free to all users of the platform. They include citation-type content, commemorative and occasional dates.

*** Tokens are the currency used to generate the content using AI. They are deducted from your account every time a new content is generated and renewed every month.

**** A monthly scheduled consultation with a Manycontent expert. The specialist together with you will analyze your social networks and indicate actions to improve your results.

Special conditions for agencies , social media and social media managers .

We want to hear your needs and give you our best!

Your satisfation guaranteed or your money back

We’re sure you’ll like the results of automating content for your social networks, so we’ll make a deal with you.

If you’re still not satisfied during your first 7 days of membership, for whatever reason, we’ll refund your money.

Manycontent is officially approved for social networks:






Common questions

Does Manycontent work?

Yes! The content automation service offered by Manycontent is based on Content Marketing fundamentals. This means that our intelligence understands both your needs and those of your audience to generate valuable content that is completely relevant.

Over time, we learn more about your preferences and those of your followers, becoming more accurate and assertive with delivery.

With Manycontent’s content automation services you will have:

  • Your brand’s visibility in the market
  • Engagement from your profile (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter)
  • In your company’s sales volume
  • in your authority

In addition to being able to follow your KPIs from the main social networks.

Your results may vary depending on your market segment, the type and frequency of your publications and your strategies.

It is important to point out that Content Marketing is a very important base strategy, but it is not immediate. The results take about 2 to 3 months to appear, organically. Check out the recommendations within our system to improve even more!

Is the generated content exclusive?

In addition to being exclusive, they are unique to you. Each content developed by Manycontent is thought 100% in your business and area of operation, in addition to the greatest possibility of engagement possible. Rest assured, there is no possibility of identical content!

How do plans work?

Manycontent plans are recurring, like a streaming subscription. Payment is made through your credit card and every month the amount will be charged to your invoice, making payment easy, simple and very fast!

Your subscription will be renewed through automatic debit at the end of each monthly subscription. It is necessary to request a cancellation before the expiration of the current cycle, if you do not wish to remain on the platform, or the amount will be charged again.

We will never increase the value of your subscription once you join, but we do not guarantee that the current price for new subscribers will remain the same until tomorrow.

So run there and guarantee your subscription now to guarantee this value!

How do TOKENS work?

In addition to custom content, we also provide one of our robots for you to create your own content or content ideas. As you create them, you use their tokens, which are the currency used by the robots.

Your tokens are deducted from your account every time new content is generated and renewed every month.

Does Manycontent have a warranty?

Yes! If you don’t like the platform within 7 days, you will get your money back. But believe me, you will like it!

Is there any cancellation fee?

We do not work with a loyalty contract, nor in the fine print. You may cancel your subscription at any time, and you will not be charged any fees.

How does Manyconytent generate the content ideas?
Manycontent uses a unique and super advanced artificial intelligence to create amazing content ideas, specific and updated to your need. In addition, we have the best content creation professionals in the world teaching our intelligence so we can bring better and more and better up-to-date ideas to you.
Is Manycontent safe?

We are the only marketing system in Brazil that is 100% approved by the main social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. This means that all your data is safe with us and we affirm a legal commitment to you and the privacy of your statements, in addition to the originality of the contents that will be generated for you.

The confidentiality of the information provided to us is one of our most precious assets! Therefore, business opportunities and successful partnerships are increasingly coming our way.

How is content produced?

After your subscription is effective, you go through a short questionnaire and connect your social networks within Manycontent (you can rest assured, we are 100% approved by them, it’s totally safe!).

It is from this initial information that our intelligence will come into action and start the content development process. The more data, and the more cohesive and descriptive it is about your business, in addition to your preferences, the better your content will be! The last step is the review by our journalists, and then the contents will be released to you. The process is carried out in a maximum of 24 business hours after completing your questionnaire in full.

What types of customers use Manycontent?
  • Marketing Agencies
  • doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Nutritionists
  • psychologists
  • dentists
  • engineers
  • coaches
  • architects
  • administrators
  • brokers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • restaurants
  • chefs
  • beauty clinics
  • fashion professionals
  • agronomists
  • job security
  • Breweries

And many more!

We are sought after by entrepreneurs, from the most varied sectors, who find in Manycontent the perfect tool to promote themselves with Content Marketing: diversity that generates expertise and authority to serve an increasing range of customers!

Can I reject personalized content?

Each plan has a predefined amount of customized content. They are:

  • Beginner: 8 contents
  • Advanced: 16 contents
  • RockStar: 24 contents

Also, you will have the same amount available to reject.

Want an example? Come on!

You are a subscriber to the RockStar plan and when you access Manycontent to view its contents, you will see the 24 that were developed by the platform. Amidst the approvals, you found 2 that are not interesting and clicked reject. Perfect! Manycontent will understand that you didn’t like this content and will deliver 2 more to you, improved based on those you approved. So you rejected 2 content out of 24 you could.

I have an agency, how can I use Manycontent for my clients?

Manycontent has special conditions for agencies that manage from 5 accounts.
You will have a single access login and with it you will be able to manage each of your accounts in isolation. Each account will have its contents, schedules, dashboard and independent reports as if they were unique accounts.

Talk to one of our consultants to hire or contact us to learn more.